Posted by : Admin Jun 13, 2014

Nude patch for the female characters in the Pc game Archeage

How To Install

1. Open install_n_patch.bat with notepad
2. Change e:\ArcheAge\ArcheAge\game_pak to the parth where your game_pak file is
3. Save and close
4. Run install_n_patch.bat and wait to patch
5. Start game

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  1. what directory is "install_n_patch.bat" suppose to be in

  2. eres tonto? o en tu casa no te daban teta lo suficiente?. para saber la pass, tienes que pasar por un timo?¿ tu eres especial

  3. I did but this appeared when I started install
    Error: wrong command-line argument (
    Please help :(

  4. ok i got it now :)


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